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YFGA, which means (Youlanda’s Foundation For Ghana, NO Guns, NO Violence But MARTIAL ARTS ) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)  PUBLIC BENEFIT CORPORATION in California and an NGO  in Ghana West Africa 
We are not organized for the private gain of any person, we operate under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes

YFGA, provides opportunities for the poorest of African farmers and their families to attain sustainable, affordable lives and futures. The proceeds of all charitable donations go straight to YFGA to meet the needs of the foundation to fund these activities.

Our Goal, is to make meaningful and positive changes within the neighborhoods and communities in need of our help, Greater Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area California, Sacramento California, Ghana West Africa, and surrounding countries.

Our purpose, is to provide Education, Counseling, Scholarships, Housing, Art Training, Vocational Training, Life Skills, Martial Arts, Employment, material assistance and vitally needed support services for disadvantaged, low income individuals.

First, the story of our founding. told by our founder, Yolanda Muhammed…

“When I first went to Ghana West Africa, I earned that 80 % of Ghanaian’s live in abject poverty and I saw a great need. I told myself, “ I can’t sit by and do nothing, I have to do some thing to help…

I had already been helping and supporting in Africa for SIX years out of my own personal funds before I attained the corporations 501(c)(3)s.

Also it came to me to come up with a better way to  teach the youth a positive, non-violent way to deal with their dissatisfaction towards each other, through martial arts, which teaches discipline. That’s how YFGA came about.”

With your support, YFGA wants to our part in making sure that children from disadvantage backgrounds have access to high quality educational opportunities.

Our particular focus would be on grades K-12 schools, granting students the knowledge and skills to become productive and engaged students.  

 {{ A child that has been given the love and proper care and attention, along with education and self knowledge, will less likely become a burden and a nuisance to society. Instead of becoming a burden on taxpayer, he/she will become a great taxpayer contributing giving back to their community, society, thus the world. }}

YFGA fundraising efforts would provide for the most impoverished children, who’s parents or caretakers, do not have the means to afford such opportunities, Pay for school uniforms, and sponsor free breakfast/lunch programs.

YFGA’s effort will include: Digging wells to bring clean water, free of diseases into villages, and building sewage pipelines for quality sanitation and elimination of raw treated sewage.
Sponsoring programs to teach proper Waste Disposal, i.e (Hand washing, after bathroom use. before preparing cooking or eating food.) Human Waste Disposal, and Personal Sanitation
Construction of public toilets.
Providing Solar electricity for irrigation, off-grid power to pump clean drinking water into villages, and lighting streets at night.

These projects will serve the additional purpose, providing stable and secure employment for Ghanaian families .

In addition elsewhere, TFGA’s efforts will focus on at-risk African American males ages 4-17 years. although all at-risk African American youth and non-African Americans may participate to increase awareness and access to culturally rich resources that foster and promote creativity, promote self esteem and self expression.

The YFGA will collaborate with artist’s communities and cultural groups to create after school and summer programs extending learning opportunities and crating jobs for the youths. Creating more jobs in the greater Oakland, San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento California, and boosting their economies. 

Applying for grants and creating scholarships for disadvantaged African American males. And a full paid one-year Martial Arts training course. Purposed to teach self-discipline, self respect, respect for others and intellectual non-violent problem solving. 

Children ages 4-17 years will also attend a one-year martial arts training course, afterwards they’re entitled to receive with their certificate of completion,a paid round trip visit to Ghana West Africa to compete in a martial art expedition, and a tour of the Cape Castle slave dungeons. 

One of YFGA’s main goals for youths is to try and put them in touch with their ancestral roots,,,,not just only by telling them, but by personal experience. By actually taking them to the place of their ancestral origins and truly experiencing the feeling of returning home.

By going to Ghana, African American youths will learn compassion for life and can better appreciate the opportunities they have in America.

“Hi, I am Youlanda. My African day name is Aku/Akua (Meaning female born on Wednesday.)

I have great plans and strongly have faith knowing that I, along with your help, will effect a positive change for the good of humanity on this planet Earth.

I thank, and appreciate you taking the time to read about us.”,

Yours Truly.

Youlanda Muhammad, the founder and CEO of the YFGA.